ESG Consulting Services

We empower companies and investors to make more sustainable decisions.

Third Economy is a sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting firm. We provide high-quality data, analytics and insights to empower companies and institutional investors to build long-term, sustainable growth and make informed investment decisions. We analyze, strategize, and execute sustainability strategies in order to increase financial value, enhance capabilities, and build a more sustainable economy. We call a sustainable economy the “third economy”.

How We Work With You

Financial Advisors

Engage new and existing clients by aligning their portfolios with what they care about through our materiality assessment.


Satisfy investors, improve ESG ratings, avoid activism and build long-term financial value.

Institutional Investors

Raise assets, enhance investment decision-making, and leverage proxy voting and engagement to satisfy your clients and beneficiaries.

What Is the VIA3 Compass?

The VIA3 compass defines what
it means to be sustainable. The VIA3 framework assesses five criteria to improve ESG ratings for asset managers – Values, Impact, Analysis, Alignment and Activism.


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What Popular Media Gets Wrong About ESG

Everywhere you look people are talking about ESG. But in nearly every case, critics use the term inaccurately. The result? Stakeholders often talk past one another. Corporations aren’t sure what to prioritize and even worse, ESG is often hijacked for political ends. We explain the key differences between values-based investing, impact investing and ESG.

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Understanding the 'G' in ESG: Thinking Beyond Proxy Season

Companies are facing headwinds when it comes to board director reelection. In this environment, companies need to be proactive both with shareholder engagement and director preparation. How can your company increase shareholder engagement and promote board reelection? We share the key trends shaping our current environment then explore five strategies for
the future.

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Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act: Key Attributes and Opportunities

In May 2022, the SEC proposed additional disclosure rules for funds claiming to achieve a specific ESG impact. Under the new rules, these funds would be required to disclose the ESG factors considered in their investment strategy, as well as metrics used to evaluate progress towards the fund’s objectives. How will your fund be affected? Read on for the fine print.