Sustainability Consulting Services

We help companies and investors build and promote their capabilities for financial advantage and positive impact.

Third Economy is a sustainability and ESG (environmental, social and governance) consulting firm. We provide high-quality data, analytics and insights to empower companies and institutional investors to build long-term, sustainable growth and make informed investment decisions. We analyze, strategize, and execute sustainability strategies in order to increase financial value, enhance capabilities, and build a more sustainable economy. We call a sustainable economy the “third economy”.

How We Work With You

Financial Advisors

Engage new and existing clients by aligning their portfolios with what they care about through our materiality assessment.


Satisfy investors, improve ESG ratings, avoid activism and build long-term financial value.

Institutional Investors

Raise assets, enhance investment decision-making, and leverage proxy voting and engagement to satisfy your clients and beneficiaries.

What Is the VIA3 Compass?

The VIA3 compass defines what
it means to be sustainable. The VIA3 framework assesses five criteria to improve ESG ratings for asset managers – Values, Impact, Analysis, Alignment and Activism.


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Third Economy’s Sustainability Thesaurus: From TCFD to IFRS to ESRS

Whether you are moving to sustainability reporting voluntarily or for mandatory compliance, the choice to report upon climate-related risk first includes navigating a complex landscape of standards and sustainability frameworks. With more than 2200 sustainability reporting provisions, it can be difficult to determine which frameworks and standards are right for your organization. Read on for our primer on some of the most common global standards and frameworks and how they might apply to your business.

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Making Sense of Global Climate-Related Reporting Regulations

The global regulatory landscape for corporate climate disclosures has seen major updates over the past few years. For corporate issuers, while some rulings may seem outside of your immediate jurisdiction, companies big and small will need to consider what long-term compliance might look like. Read on for our analysis of seven global climate-related regulations to keep in mind for your business.

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Top Takeaways from BlackRock's 2023 Chairman's Letter

As in year’s past, Larry Fink, Chairman of BlackRock, has penned a letter with his thoughts on the global economy in 2023. While ESG may be under cover in this year’s letter, there is still a strong mandate for companies and investors to take advantage of sustainability trends. So, what does this year’s analysis mean in practice? Read on for our top takeaways from this year’s letter for both investors and companies.