Governance and Sustainability  Services

We help companies and investors build and promote their capabilities for financial advantage and positive impact.

Third Economy is a governance and sustainability consulting firm. We provide high-quality data, analytics and insights to empower companies and institutional investors to build long-term, sustainable growth and make informed investment decisions. We analyze, strategize, and execute sustainability strategies in order to increase financial value, enhance capabilities, and build a more sustainable economy. We call a sustainable economy the “third economy”.

How We Work With You

Financial Advisors

Engage new and existing clients by aligning their portfolios with what they care about through our materiality assessment.


Satisfy investors, improve ESG ratings, avoid activism and build long-term financial value.

Institutional Investors

Raise assets, enhance investment decision-making, and leverage proxy voting and engagement to satisfy your clients and beneficiaries.

What Is the VIA3 Compass?

The VIA3 compass defines what
it means to be sustainable. The VIA3 framework assesses five criteria to improve ESG ratings for asset managers – Values, Impact, Analysis, Alignment and Activism.


Website_3ECON Webinar

Investor Activism in 2024: Strategies on how to avoid being targeted and what to do if you are

Join Third Economy and leading experts for a roundtable discussion for companies on how activists launch campaigns, why investors support them, and what communication strategies to leverage to deflect or defend your company in an activist situation.

Regulatory Update

SEC Approves Long Awaited Climate-Related Disclosure Rule for Companies

Wednesday the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) ruled on its long-awaited climate-risk disclosure proposal, requiring public companies to disclose certain climate-related risks in financial statements. The good news? The ruling closely follows established frameworks like the TCFD and is a great financial benchmark for climate reporting. Want to learn more about what this means for businesses big and small? We pull out the fine print in our article linked here.

Thought Leadership

Understanding CA AB-1305 Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act

It’s 2024 and California's AB-1305 has been signed into law, requiring California companies to disclose voluntary carbon offset purchases and track net-zero or carbon neutrality claims on public-facing websites. The implications for CA businesses? New data collection and assurance practices, as applicable to your business. Read on for more on this new regulation.