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Activism Defense: Expert Advice on How to Build Trust with your Shareholders

The shareholder activism landscape has evolved and more companies are being targeted than ever before. So how do you leverage your company’s shareholder engagement efforts to avoid an expensive and reputation damaging proxy contest? Read on for three areas of opportunity for companies to keep in mind, from activism and investor experts across the spectrum. 

Submissions for CDP: Is your company ready?

The CDP reporting landscape has changed, as new requests from investors, from consumers and from supply chain partners continue to make these disclosures relevant and useful. But is completing a questionnaire actually worth the effort and the expense for your company? Read on for the finer details on how to best assess CDP for your business.

SEC Approves Long Awaited Climate-Related Disclosure Rule for Companies

Wednesday the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) ruled on its long-awaited climate-risk disclosure proposal, requiring public companies to disclose certain climate-related risks in financial statements. The good news? The ruling closely follows established frameworks like the TCFD and is a great financial benchmark for climate reporting. Want to learn more about what this means for businesses big and small? We pull out the fine print in our article linked here.

Understanding California’s AB-1305 Voluntary Carbon Market Disclosures Act

It’s 2024 and CA AB-1305 has been signed into law, requiring California companies to disclose voluntary carbon offset purchases and track net-zero or carbon neutrality claims on public-facing websites. The implications for CA businesses? New data collection and assurance practices, as applicable to your business. Read on for more on this new regulation.

Service Spotlight: Five Steps to a Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy

We provide an essential guide on how to develop a meaningful supplier ESG engagement strategy and effectively manage your value chain’s social and environmental footprint.

BlackRock’s 2024 Engagement Priorities

BlackRock recently released their 2024 engagement priorities so we have summarized them and provided hyperlinks for your convenience.

Service Spotlight: Three Reasons Why A Sustainable Supply Should Be Your Next Priority

We predict that supply chains will be a focal point for ESG in 20https://www.thirdeconomy.com/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=insight24. Read on for the first installment of our two-part series to learn why a supply chain sustainability strategy is a must-have in 2024.

Third Economy: 2023 Year in Review

As we reflect on 2023, our team has compiled stories from the past year that will continue to impact all of us in 2024 and beyond. Wishing you a successful 2024 from Third Economy!

Transition Planning for Net-Zero Targets

As climate-related regulations become more prevalent, businesses can tackle the challenge of ensuring compliance while proactively leveraging them to your advantage. In our latest Thought Leadership article, we outline how to plan for net-zero targets and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Navigating California’s New Climate Legislation

California Legislature recently passed two new environmental bills, both of which are expected to have a significant impact on California, U.S., and global business. Many of the world’s largest public and private companies will soon be required to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related risks. Read on to find out what this means for your organization.

Service Spotlight: TCFD Alignment

TCFD has emerged as a pivotal force in the global business and regulatory environment, influencing several global climate regulations, frameworks, and proposals including the U.S. SEC’s proposed rule on climate disclosures. But what does TCFD alignment mean in practical terms? In our latest piece, we break down what alignment to the TCFD standards means for large public corporations and small investment firms. Read on.

3ECON Insights: Our Top 10 Sustainability Stories to Follow in Fall 2023

The news about ESG and Sustainability has been particularly frothy this season. To help our clients and prospects keep track of the key issues on the docket this fall, we’ve created a Top 10 list of rising ESG stories to follow and proactive steps for companies and financial firms to keep their organizations ahead. Read on for our Top 10 Sustainability Stories of Fall 2023.

Third Economy’s Sustainability Thesaurus: From TCFD to IFRS to ESRS

Whether you are moving to sustainability reporting voluntarily or for mandatory compliance, the choice to report upon climate-related risk first includes navigating a complex landscape of standards and sustainability frameworks. With more than 2200 sustainability reporting provisions, it can be difficult to determine which frameworks and standards are right for your organization. Read on for our primer on some of the most common global standards and frameworks and how they might apply to your business.

Making Sense of Global Climate-Related Reporting Regulations

The global regulatory landscape for corporate climate disclosures has seen major updates over the past few years. For corporate issuers, while some rulings may seem outside of your immediate jurisdiction, companies big and small will need to consider what long-term compliance might look like. Read on for our analysis of seven global climate-related regulations to keep in mind for your business.

Top Takeaways from BlackRock’s 2023 Chairman’s Letter

As in year’s past, Larry Fink, Chairman of BlackRock, has penned a letter with his thoughts on the global economy in 2023. While ESG may be under cover in this year’s letter, there is still a strong mandate for companies and investors to take advantage of sustainability trends. So, what does this year’s analysis mean in practice? Read on for our top takeaways from this year’s letter for both investors and companies.

2022 was a big year for ESG

Third Economy: 2022 Year in Review

As sustainability consultants, we always have our eyes on the news. We’ve compiled this year’s biggest sustainability stories in a “Year in Review” for our clients and prospects to enjoy. Happy holidays from 3E!

DOL Rule Rolls Back Restrictions on Use of ESG Factors in Retirement Plans

In another big ruling for ESG in 2022, the Department of Labor rolled back restrictions on private-sector retirement plans, allowing 401k and other ERISA-governed retirement plans to consider ESG factors when choosing investments. This ruling is a key step towards recognizing ESG factors as financial risks and viewing ESG factors as an evaluation tool, like any other potential investment factor.

What Popular Media Gets Wrong About ESG

Everywhere you look people are talking about ESG. But in nearly every case, critics use the term inaccurately. The result? Stakeholders often talk past one another. Corporations aren’t sure what to prioritize and even worse, ESG is often hijacked for political ends. We explain the key differences between values-based investing, impact investing and ESG.

SEC Proposes Additional Disclosures on ESG Frameworks from Investment Advisers

In May 2022, the SEC proposed additional disclosure rules for funds claiming to achieve a specific ESG impact. Under the new rules, these funds would be required to disclose the ESG factors considered in their investment strategy, as well as the metrics used to evaluate progress towards the fund’s objectives. How will your fund be affected? Read on for the fine print.

3E Summary: SEC Releases New Climate Change Disclosure Rule

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced a landmark proposal to advance and standardize disclosures related to climate change, requiring public companies to disclose certain climate-related risks in their statements and reports. Underneath the 500 page proposal, what does this mean for corporate issuers and investors? We pull out the fine print on today’s announcement and what this means for companies in 2022 and beyond.

Understanding the ‘G’ in ESG: Moving Beyond Proxy Season

Companies are facing headwinds when it comes to board director reelection. In this environment, companies need to be proactive both with shareholder engagement and director preparation. How can your company increase shareholder engagement and promote board reelection? We share the key trends shaping our current environment then explore five strategies for the future.

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act: Key Attributes and Opportunities

In August 2022, President Biden signed the historic Inflation Reduction Act (“IRA”), the largest climate and energy bill ever enacted in the United States. Under the new bill, $369 billion will be invested in decarbonizing the U.S., through incentives for clean tech and corporate energy procurement. How can your business participate in these historic rebates and credits? Read our analysis here.

Simplifying the Social ‘S’ Component of ESG

Defining the ‘S’ in ESG is not as simple as accounting for carbon output or measuring board representation. But categories like social capital, human capital and product innovation represent unique tools to assess both risk and opportunity for companies to generate long-term value. Looking for more information on how to quantify the ‘S’ for your business? Read on for 3E’s primer on measuring key social issues for your business.

2022 IPCC Report: Corporate Considerations and Call to Action

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability report. This report draws attention to 127 key risks associated with climate change, and the urgency around taking adaptive measures to build more resilient infrastructure.

Third Economy Webinar graphic

Advancing the ‘E’ in ESG: Hands-On Strategies for Measuring, Communicating and Achieving Your Goals

The push toward net-zero carbon is putting a lot of pressure on corporations to step up ESG performance. But the link between environmental considerations and durable financial performance is not always clear. Join 3E’s Chad Spitler and a panel of experts on Thursday, 3/31 at 1pm ET for a conversation on strengthening the environmental (‘E’) component of your ESG strategies. This webinar is part of a three part series on learning pragmatic approaches to “E”, “S” and “G”.

Six Lines, Six Lessons: Setting the Narrative on ESG

The six most important lines from the 2022 State Street and BlackRock Annual Letters.

The Case for the Corporate Climate Pledge

More businesses are taking the climate pledge: Net zero by 2040. Should your organization step up too? Below, in partnership with Broadridge, we share the case for signing onto the climate pledge and highlight proven strategies to make sure your organization is ready.

Investing for Global Development

Our newest VIA3 rating is focused on global equity and this month’s webinar on how fund managers align their portfolios with the UNSDG’s. This conversation, rather than a technical look at how a fund comes together, will be a look forward at the changes these funds are making in the world.

UN Investor Summit Highlights

The storyline emerging from this year’s conference was the pressing need for companies to be proactive in engaging with investors.

BlackRock’s Engagement Priorities

BlackRock’s new engagement priorities address traditional areas of investor engagement such as governance, strategy and compensation alongside developing areas like climate risk and human capital management.

Investors Want to Engage on Sustainability-Are you Prepared?

The rise of sustainability as a governance imperative is inextricably tied to the growing influence of large institutional investors, particularly index funds, and the governance teams within them.

Panel Talks Sustainability in Business, Effects of Climate Change

The Erb Institute, a collaboration between the Ross School of Business and the School for Environment and Sustainability, hosted an event to discuss how businesses can promote sustainability in their work

CEO Chad Spitler Responds to Challenges in Applying SEC Names Rule

Letter submitted to the SEC to address the challenges raised in applying the Names Rule to the use of the term ESG in fund names.

CEO Chad Spitler Discusses a Department of Labor’s Proposed Rule Change

CEO response to a Department of Labor proposed rule change affecting ESG investment funds.