Corporate Sustainability Services

Advancing corporate ESG strategy to create financially sustainable companies

We assess, build and promote corporate ESG capabilities. We help satisfy investors and stakeholders, improve ESG ratings and develop strategies for long-term corporate sustainability. From strategic to tactical, we extend your team.

We project manage so your resources can focus on their business expertise

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    Establish your strategic priorities by benchmarking relative to industry best practice, peers and ESG ratings methodologies

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    Develop strategies that maximize your return on investment, and determine the who, what, where, when and why required for execution

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    Enhance your ESG disclosures and fill gaps in policies, process controls and measurements to improve your performance

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    Position your ESG capabilities in multiple channels with targeted messaging that aligns with leading frameworks and stakeholder groups

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    Monitor the process, measure the performance and solicit feedback from investors, ESG ratings agencies and other stakeholders

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    Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions of your operations and identify opportunities for net zero emissions

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    Repeat & Refine

    Leverage your corporate sustainability strategy and repeat the cycle to continuously advance

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    Provide a third-party review of your greenhouse gas emissions and environmental metrics calculations

We simplify a complex field to help our clients focus on what’s most relevant for them

Third Economy Corporate Sustainability - Standards, Ratings, Frameworks
  • Standards

    Leverage industry standards like the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) to speak a common language with your investors on “how” you manage ESG risks and opportunities.

  • Ratings

    Enhance your ESG ratings with increased disclosure to attract and retain investment capital and avoid shareholder activism.

  • Frameworks

    Follow the principles and guidance issued by leading frameworks to communicate “what” impact your company has on the environment and society.

What People are Saying

  • “After a 12-year relationship with Chad as a former member of our industry oversight committee, we are excited to now work with Third Economy to assess investors evolving needs for proxy voting services.”
    Bob Schifellite
    Broadridge Investor Communications Solutions President
  • “We are thrilled to welcome Third Economy and Chad to AIM. His qualities dovetail with our investment philosophy, and his early involvement in the green bond market and commitment to strong environmental and social corporate governance mirrors AIM’s mission and commitment to impact investing.”
    Stuart Kinnersley
    Managing Partner, AIM
  • “A critical step toward more insightful investment decisions is the development and deployment of tools that help people set priorities and evaluate the risks and benefits, and the pros and cons, of different courses of action. Third Economy's approach to decision support for sustainable investing is both timely and sorely needed.”
    Dr. Joe Árvai
    University of Southern California
  • “Third Economy has been a tremendous partner helping Taylor Morrison address and report on ESG in a robust, relevant and comprehensive way. Our sustainability focus and leading-edge reporting are reflected in our ratings and ultimately benefit our investors and other stakeholders.”
    Benjamin A. Aronovitch
    Vice President, Fmr Deputy General Counsel, Taylor Morrison
  • “Part of my work focuses on the shortcomings of current sustainable investment reporting and metrics, I immediately saw the value in Third Economy's robust approach and am excited to contribute to this much-needed evolution in sustainable investing.”
    Dr. Todd Cort
    Yale School of Management

We help you build a successful strategy and effectively position it for credit with key stakeholders.