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Third Economy’s VIA3 framework rates mutual funds and ETF’s based on five different aspects of sustainability, making it the most comprehensive rating available. It allows you to incorporate sustainability as a meaningful factor into your portfolio asset allocation. See our Research.
Third Economy VIA3 Illustrative Rating
  • Strong

    Scores high and/or is better than comparative fund

  • Moderate

    Scores medium and/or is in-line with comparative fund

  • Minor

    Scores low and/or is below comparative fund

100-point scale

The VIA3 rating is calculated by assessing five criteria – Values, Impact, Analysis, Alignment and Activism – illustrated by the VIA3 compass. The overall score and each criterion are color coded into three tiers: Strong, Moderate, Minor.

Values: Avoids or directs investments based on moral principles of sustainability

Impact: Consequences to the environment and society

Analysis: ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) assessment in buying and selling portfolio securities

Alignment: Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Activism: Proxy voting and engagement to affect change and improve transparency

Do you have to give up financial performance to invest sustainably?

VIA3 addresses this question by compiling public sources of the funds financial return data to compare against a common index fund. We place a color-coded arrow over the five-year period (or three year if five is not available) to highlight at that point in time, if the fund performance is over, within or under the comparative index fund performance.

This portfolio-level data is updated quarterly.

About VIA3

The VIA3 framework empowers all investors to align with the social and environmental factors that they care about most. Developed by leading institutional investors and academics, VIA3 delivers sustainability insights previously only available to the world's largest investors. VIA3 leads the way to a more sustainable portfolio and economy, a third economy.

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