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Third Economy’s Sustainability Thesaurus: From TCFD to IRFS to ESRS

Climate Readiness

An Evolution of Standards and Frameworks within Sustainability

By Helen Lu, Analyst, Third Economy, September 2023 | UPDATED March 2024

As more and more acronyms come into the vernacular around sustainability and ESG, it can feel hard to keep up with what reporting principles are most relevant to each unique business situation. For organizations of all sizes, the challenge can be to truly understand how these sustainability reporting standards and frameworks work and which ones might be best suited for your company.

Particularly for cross-border businesses and those who may fall into distinct sectors like real estate or investment management.

In an effort to make many of these jargon-heavy, legal documents more accessible, we’ve pulled together a primer of our most referenced standards and frameworks, to help create a user-friendly guide on where to start when considering voluntary and mandatory reporting.

While this list is meant to be an informative tool, our team is best at making focused, thoughtful recommendations for businesses of all sizes and strategies. Want to chat about your business’ unique needs? Get in touch with our team today.